About Us

Mawana as a Green Company

"To harness renewable natural resources effectively to make and distribute quality products needed by society, using evolving goals and techniques to create sustainable value in harmony with our environment, our community, our stakeholders and our Self."

Mawana Sugars as a responsible corporate citizen understands its responsibility towards the environment and thus is committed to the cause of a "Greener Planet".

Green Power

Power is derived from bagasse obtained as a residue from cane sugar processing. The power produced not only suffices for the entire plant but is also fed back into the northern electricity grid contributing in a small way to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Green Fuel

A capacity to produced denatured spirit and fuel ethanol through sugar cane processing which can be blended in petrol upto 5% by volume as per Government guidelines, gives further impetus to the reduction of fossil fuel lowering our carbon footprint.

Green Packaging

All Flip Flop mono cartons used in the packaging of retail sugar for Mawana select are made from recycled paper obviating the need to store sugar in separate containers.