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Continuing Legacy

Propagating Education For All

Shriram School, Mawana

The school is located in the campus of Mawana Sugar Works factory, Mawana and caters to the educational requirements of the Mawana Township. The school is well equipped with facilities such as a computer lab, library and music. It has classes from pre-nursery to class IX, catering to more than 600 students from the Mawana Sugar Works Factory and from the Mawana Township. It is run under the aegis of the Shriram School Society, a Society funded and supported by Mawana Sugars Limited. As a part of its community initiative, the school supports 50 children from the most marginalized communities, providing for their education from pre-nursery to class XII.

Khabar Ghar Programme

Khabar Ghar programme has been set up with an objective of making information available to the rural community by making newspapers, magazines and books available to them in their villages. Khabar Ghars are reading rooms, provided by the villagers themselves, where the people can come and read. The magazines and books cater to men, women, youth and children. 50 Khabar Ghars have been set up in the villages.

Urdu Classes

A word which is synonymous with beautiful linguistic expression which symbolizes expression from the heart and has been a part of the spirit of India. However, the language seems to be losing its usage if not the classical charm. Hence Urdu Classes were set up with the objective of providing facilities for students to learn Urdu, to increase the appreciation of the language.

Village Library

Imagine children studying without even the basic text books! That is the reality of many villages where we work. A Library has been established to make text books and reference books available to the children.

Women Empowerment

Non-Formal Education

The women in the villages often feel handicapped due to their inability to read or do simple calculations in their day to day work like making the grocery list, catching a bus, adding their expenses and so on . Therefore an initiative was taken to teach women basic numeracy and to read and write small sentences through our programme called Non-Formal Education. The programme is aimed at women and drop-out girls. Preference is given to girls and women to become teachers.

Silai Schools

Silai Schools are a community based initiative of Usha International Limited. It is aimed at empowering women at the village level by imparting sewing skills and providing them sewing machines to earn their livelihood. Silai Schools are opened in non-electrified villages with a population of 2000. The programme reaches out to the most marginal communities and focuses on women who have an inclination towards sewing by imparting sewing skills to them and encouraging them to train other village women.

Promoting Health through Sports

Golf Initiatives

Usha International Limited, parent company of Mawana Sugars Limited actively sponsors a number of golf events. Apart from regular coaching camps, some of them include the All India and Northern India Ladies Amateur Golf Championships, Junior Training Programs and Junior Golf Tournaments.

Mawana Sugars Indian Open Marathon

An event started in 1982, the Mawana Sugars Indian Open Marathon was earlier known as the Rath India Open Marathon. The Mawana Sugars Indian Open Marathon is the only marathon to fest-run the Commonwealth Games 2010 marathon route. The event has produced leading women athletes who have gone on to represent the country in various national and international marathons and brought home laurels for the country. Athletes for the Mawana Sugars Indian Open Marathon participate from all over the country. Total participants: 12000 plus, Age group: 18-50 years.

Promoting Art & Music

Shriram Shankarlal Music Festival

Shriram Shankarlal Music Festival is the oldest musical festival in the country. Contrary to the belief that "Classical Indian music is losing its sheen", it is more pertinent and popular than ever before. Since classical music itself has evolved over the past five decades, the festival format has been designed to meet today's challenges and yet retain its original flavour. The Festival has pioneered the process of providing a forum, which could present the best in Indian classical music to the people of Delhi.