• Lemon Cupcakes
  • Lemon Cupcakes
  • Lemon Cupcakes

Lemon Cupcakes

Preparation Time: 80 mins
Cooking Tme: 20 mins
Serving: 14



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Simple, yet really delicious lemon cupcakes. These Lemon Cupcakes have a surprise waiting inside, a small pocket of lemon curd. It’s amazing how lemon curd has this ability to be tangy and sweet at the same time. And it's absolutely delightful in these cupcakes, this burst of lemon playing off both the buttery sweetness of the vanilla cupcake and the richness of the lemon flavoured whipped cream frosting.

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  • Heat the oven to 180 degrees.
  • Using a whisk, beat together the butter and the sugar until light and fluffy.
  • Add the eggs, flour (sifted), milk and the zest of the two lemons and a little squeeze of juice.
  • Mix everything until it is a smooth mixture.
  • Spoon one and a half tea spoons of the mix into the cake cases.
  • Bake in the oven for 10-15 mins.
  • While they are cooking, make the icing by whisking the butter in a bowl. Then add theMawana Icing Sugar and mix.
  • Add the zest if any remaining lemon zest and however much of the rest of lemon juice. (depending how zingy you want them to be)
  • Put the cakes on a cooling rack to cool. When they have finished cooling, pipe or spread the icing in to the cakes.
  • You could add a lemon flavour sweet of a small piece of chopped up lemon if wanted. And there you have it, one batch of delicious Zingy lemon cupcakes ready to take to a party or picnic or just to put in a box to save for another day. Make sure you have eaten them in a week or they won't taste as good as they are meant to.